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Pay Per Performance Web Traffic

Here you'll find a simple overview of the various marketing services provided by YellowPhonePages.com. Although we're best known for our pay-per-click Paid Listing advertising products, our other services are key ingredients to any successful online ad campaign.

Listing your site with YellowPhonePages.com brings you fast results, reach your target audience with the most cost effective method on the net today. You select the keywords that are relevant to your site, then choose how much to bid on the keywords when customers click on your listing. The higher you bid, the higher your site appears in our search results.

Pay For Performance Advertising Services

Traffic You only pay for the traffic you receive. If a user does not click on your link, you don't pay!
Targeting Directly connect with specific audiences through custom titles and descriptions.
Cost Effective You set the amount you are willing to spend per visitor, starting as low as $.01 per click.
Account Manage 24/7 account access where you can add/modify your settings or see reports on your traffic.
No Hidden Cost There are no hidden costs or extra fees.