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YellowPhonePages.com Banner eXchange Program

Join YellowPhonePages.com Banner eXchange Program, not only your banner will appear on YellowPhonePages.com website but also on all our Banner eXchange members website.

Start to get more traffic for your website, just fill out the form below, you will get 500 FREE credits.

How does a banner exchange work?

1, After you signup to our banner exchange network, you get 500 free credits. You will have to put our banner exchange code on your website. (you will be redirected to the banner exchange code page after you finish signing up.)

Every impression (a banner has been DISPLAYED) sent from your site to YellowPhonePages.com earns 1 credit. Once you put our banner exchange code on your website and your account has been verified by us, your website will start to display ALL our banner exchange member's banners.

2, We will verify your account. Once your account has been verified. Your banner will start to show up on ALL our banner exchange member's websites. It will cost you 2 credits everytime your banner has been displayed on our banner exchange member's websites.

Once your credits are used up, your banner won't show up anymore, unless you send more impression to YellowPhonePages.com and earn 1 credit, then your banner will be displayed on all banner exchange member's websites again.

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